Thanks to our experience for decades, our modern machinery, well-trained and motivated employees as well as our high quality standard, our products meet even highest expectations on quality and reliability.

All items are produced in Schesslitz, Germany – with good cause.

These days we’re overwhelmed with cheap imports, the consumers often haven’t got a chance to know what they’re even buying.

With purchasing from us you decide to buy quality MADE IN GERMANY

Furthermore we focus on sustainability and try to purchase regional products as much as possible. We use domestic maple or beech wood from sustainable forest management or even FSC/PEFC certified.

This helps to avoid long transport distances and safeguards jobs in our region.

Anton Schimmer - Produktion

Companies’ history

The company was founded in 1917 in Tachau /Sudetenland (today Czech Republik) by Anton Schimmer. Produced were beads and turned items out of wood and horn which were even at that time sold all over the world.

After world war two all Germans were disseized and dispossessed from the Sudetenland, as well the Anton Schimmer family and employees.

The production continued temporarily in Warmensteinach/Fichtelgebirge in a closed down carpenters shop.

Many customers remained true to Anton Schimmer company, so in 1950 the headquarters moved to Schesslitz / Bavaria, where the company is now run already in fourth generation as a family business.